Pixie Child Models

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a professional portfolio?

No, you don't require a portfolio to apply to an agency, family snapshots are fine. Beware of companies claiming to 'help' or 'prepare' you for joining an agency, they are unnecessary & often unscrupulous.

Can I just turn up at your office to show you my portfolio?

No, you must apply via the online application and we will contact you within 7 days to let you know if we would like to progress with your application.

What happens once my child is registered with the agency?

We will submit your child for all assignments your child meets the criteria for. As and when a client contacts us asking to meet your child for a casting or book them for a shoot, we will contact you by email or mobile phone. 

Sometimes we might contact you in advance to check your availability or to confirm details about your child.

We will not contact you every time your child is submitted for work.

It is also important that parents continuously keep the agency updated with any changes in appearance of the child.

Will my child be guaranteed work?

Unfortunately not, it's down to the client on who they select, all we can do is showcase your child and their skills to give them the best opportunity.

Do you Take on Disabled Children?

Yes we do! We're really keen to get work for all kids. We are motivated to provide them with the same opportunities and successes. However, they have to be in good health in order to get a work license and permission to be out of school, as well as being happy and confident in front of a camera.

What happens at a casting?

You will be given the address and time to be at the casting. Once there, they will talk to you and maybe take a few snaps and ask you to pose, or say a few lines. The whole process is quite quick and you will not always be told straight away if you were successful. 

Casting Tips

Plan your journey and be on time - no more than 10 minutes early and never late.

Clothing - simple with no bright colours, branding or patterns. Well-fitting, not baggy. Faces clean with hair washed and brushed.

Only one parent to go inside the venue. Don't take siblings or lots of baggage, as many of casting rooms are small.

You may have to wait, so make sure kids are entertained, rested and fed - but no snacks in the venue.

Castings are normally quick, in and out - don't ask lots of questions, the time for these is when the job is confirmed.

Prepare if possible, research the brand or look at previous adverts and understand the brief.

Remember you are also being judged from the time you walk in, they need to have parents they can work with. Clients will ask the casting director if the parents are OK.

Stay Positive. It's a small industry and everyone knows each other so do not offend the casting director as they may be casting a major role next week that your child is up for.

Self-Tape Tips

Smart phones are normally the simplest things to use as the footage can be uploaded directly. Please use them in landscape mode as everyone is used to watching footage on tv/monitors in this orientation.

Make sure your recording space is light and bright (natural light is best), and use a plain wall or curtain. Turn off TV etc. to reduce background noise.

Limit the recording to roughly 2 minutes, have a few practise runs and pick the best - remember to keep it fun!

Sign up for a free YouTube account (www.youtube.com) or download the app. If you don’t have an account, it only takes a few minutes to set up. Auditions over two minutes may run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to upload, depending on your internet speeds and connections. Make sure that your privacy settings are “PUBLIC”.  Or you can set to 'RESTRICTED', or 'UNLISTED' so only those sent a link can view it. Do NOT make it 'PRIVATE' or it can't be viewed at all. Go to your page to view your video and make sure it’s uploaded correctly.

Click on your youtube link and copy it. Double check that the link works. Email this link to the email address you have been given - remember to always include your child's name and the job you are casting for.