Pixie Child Models


Booking Terms & Conditions

Please read through before booking a model. 

As required by department of employment regulations, Pixie Models Ltd booking confirmation containing the terms of the booking must be signed and returned to Pixie Models by the client, before the shoot date. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the models. 

1. BOOKING FEES Permitted use in general, photographic fees cover the right to use one image for one year from the date of the booking, in the UK only, for the initial permitted use. 

2. DAILY/HOURLY RATE Booking fees are charged by the day or by the hour. Extra half hours or parts of half hours shall be paid at half the hourly rate. Equity contracts excluded, the day booking is for a 7 hour period including a 1-hour lunch-break. Unless otherwise agreed the minimum booking is for 2 hours. 

3. OVERTIME Overtime rates apply before 9am, after 6pm and on all bookings over seven hours. (a) The overtime rate is at one-and-a half times the daily rate between 6pm and 12am. (b) A special rate is negotiated for night work between 12am and 9am. 

4. FITTINGS Fees for fitting are charged at half the hourly rate depending on age. 

5. (a) USAGE Additional fees are payable for the right to use photographs (or reproductions, or adaptations of, or drawings there from, either complete or in part, alone or in conjunction with any wording or drawings: including electronic reproduction) for all known or anticipated purposes other than the initial Permitted Use. (E.g. packs, posters, show cards, record covers, swing tickets etc.) In general, the additional fees cover the right to use one image for one year from the date of the booking, in UK only, for the purpose or purposes agreed. 

(b) TERRITORY Additional fees are also payable for the right to use the photographs (or reproductions, or adaptations of, or drawings there from, either complete or in part, alone or in conjunction with any wording or drawings: including electronic reproduction) for all known or anticipated territories other than the UK. In general the additional fees cover the right to use one image for one year from the date of the booking, in the territory or territories agreed. 

6. (a) USAGE 2 It is the client's responsibility to notify the agent and negotiate additional fees (including extensions of existing agreements) for any usage, which may be required or anticipated subsequent to the time of booking as per 6 (a), above. 

(b) TERRITORY It is the client's responsibility to notify The Agency and negotiate additional fees (including extensions of existing agreements) for any territory, which may be required or anticipated subsequent to the time of booking as per 6 (b), above. 

7. AGENCY FEES All bookings, except Equity Contract TV commercials, will be subject to a supplement of 25% on all shoot and usage fees. Both agency fees and model fees will be invoiced by the agency, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking, VAT and any agreed expenses will be added where appropriate. The agency reserve the right to charge the same fees as another agency, should a child from another agency be used for the same job as a child from Pixie Models Ltd 

8. TRAVEL All travel costs for jobs outside of Central London should be reimbursed with valid receipt and will be included in the final invoice. If the parent is driving, fuel costs should be reimbursed at the standard rate of 45p per mile. This is calculated from our office postcode (WC2H 8DL) to the shoot location postcode, sought from Google maps. 

9. OTHER FEES Please ensure you are aware of our rates before booking models for additional services i.e. recalls, wardrobe fittings where you are unsure of the fee payable. These can be requested directly from Pixie Models Ltd. 

10. PAYMENT TERMS All invoiced payments are required within 30 days of the date of invoice. In all cases the person booking the model will be invoiced and solely responsible for payment, unless otherwise agreed at the time of the booking. We reserve the right to invoice the “ultimate client' (i.e. designer/manufacturer/owner of the product in question). All fees are for the right to use pictures and once agreed, are payable whether or not the use is appropriated. If the invoice is not paid in full within the payment terms, Pixie Models Ltd. reserves the right to charge interest at the rate prescribed by the late payment of commercial Debt (interest) Act 1998 from the date the payment was due until the date payment is made. 

11. EXCLUSION FEES A special fee will be negotiated when the work is in conjunction with a product, which precludes work for competing products. It is the CLIENTS responsibility to check whether conflicting work has been done. If a model advertises a product, he/she is able to work for any competitor unless an exclusion fee is negotiated. 

12. PROVISIONAL BOOKINGS Provisional bookings will be automatically cancelled if they are not confirmed within 24 hours of the proposed booking or if a definite booking is offered and the provisional cannot be confirmed. 

13. CANCELLATIONS If a booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the starting time, 50% of the fee will be charged. Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays are excluded from these calculations. However, if a booking is cancelled due to illness or some other reason beyond the models or agencies control (and upon the production of the appropriate evidence) the model shall not be liable for cancellation charges. This is a reciprocal arrangement between models and client. 

14. WEATHER PERMITTING BOOKINGS At the first cancellation, a half-fee is charged unless the client fails to cancel in time to prevent the model's attendance, when the full fee is payable. At the second cancellation, the full fee is charged. 

15. MEALS Clients are responsible for models meals, unless client requests child/parent to bring along a packed lunch or otherwise beforehand, at the time of booking. 

16. FASHION SHOWS Payment of the agreed fees confers the right to make use of the model's services on the catwalk for the specified show and the right to use photographs and video of the show reporting purposes only. Any other usage must be negotiated at the time of the booking. 

17. VIDEOS For all videos the normal daily rates will apply PLUS a buy-out to be negotiated. 

18. TEST & EXPERIMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY A Photographer is not entitled to use test and experimental photographs for commercial purposes unless specific arrangements have been made before the photographic session. 

19. COPYRIGHT The photographer is not entitled to use any of the images he takes for any usage beyond that agreed under sections relating to usage above. The photographer to this extent agrees to restrict use of his copyright and if the model agency client is not a photographer, the client is to draw these Term & Conditions to the attention of the photographer and obtain his agreement to them before the shoot commences. 

20. INSURANCE The client is responsible for the models health and safety when the model is travelling, or providing services, in connection with the booking to the same extent as if the model were an employee of the client. The client will maintain adequate insurance cover to underwrite its obligations to the model. The agent is not responsible if the model fails to attend the booking. The client is advised to insure against any losses, which might result if the model does not keep a booking because of ill health, or some other reason. 

21. JURISDICTION These terms and conditions for booking and all other matters connected with the booking are governed by English law and any dispute will be settled in accordance with that law by a court in England. 

22. COMPLAINTS Any cause for complaint should be reported to the Agency when it arises. Complaints cannot be considered in retrospect. 


(a) CHILDREN'S PERFORMANCE REGULATIONS 1968 Children under 16 years of age require a licence for paid performances. It is the client's responsibility to licence the children. Please note to put a licence in place takes a minimum of 5-10 working days, depending on the council involved. 

(b) AGENCY ACTING ON BEHALF OF APPLICANT Please note that should you wish Pixie Models to apply for a Child Performance Licence on your behalf, there will be a fee of £35 per child, whether or not the child is confirmed. 

Please note that: 

Whilst every endeavour is made to provide satisfactory and efficient service to our clients, we cannot be held responsible for a models conduct on an assignment. We reserve the right to negotiate within the structure of these Terms & Conditions. It is the clients responsibility to arrange insurance if indemnity is required against a models inability to attend through sickness or unforeseen circumstances. 

PLEASE NOTE As the supplier of services, these Terms and Conditions take precedence over any Terms and Conditions, which may be received from the client even if those Terms and Conditions have a clause similar to this. 

All fees are to be negotiated only with Pixie Models Ltd. 

It is not permitted to use the photographs for any use whatsoever until all fees are paid in full. 

Whilst every endeavor is made to provide a satisfactory and efficient service to our clients we cannot be held responsible for a models conduct on an assignment. 

We reserve the right to negotiate with the structure of these Terms and Conditions. 


Models Terms & Conditions


This document constitutes as working terms & Conditions between the Model and Pixie Models Ltd. Regulating the modeling and acting work and use of photographs and derivative works including promotional work for a period of 12 months from application date, if application is successful.

For and in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, the parties hereby agree as follows.

1. For the term of this agreement, Model hereby appoints and engages Agency to act as Model’s personal manager in the fields of modelling, acting, advertising and entertainment (hereinafter referred to as the “fields”).

2. Model agrees to refer all direct enquiries concerning Model’s services to Agency.

3. Agency retains the right to use and distribute and allow or license others to make use of and distribute Model’s name, portrait and pictures in connection with the matters covered by this agreement.

4. Agency may publicise that it is the personal manager for Model.

5. Model agrees to provide Agency with current photographs, comp cards, and tear sheets/advertising written or other related material for promotional use of Agency and Model.

6. Model shall pay to Agency twenty five per cent (25%) of all monies, fees or other contributions received by Model, directly or indirectly, during the term specified in these Terms & Conditions, whether originated by Agency or not. Model hereby grants to Agency a limited Power of Attorney to collect all fees and monies earned or accruing to Model from all sources governed by this agreement and to remit to Model the net fee after deducting the aforesaid twenty five per cent (25%) commission. This limited Power of Attorney includes the right of the Agency to deposit the proceeds in a general account prior to remitting the balance to Model. Model agrees to instruct clients, producers, advertising agencies and/or union office, on all jobs, contracts or on the release model signs at the time of production to send all fees and monies due to Model directly to Agency. This limited Power of Attorney also authorises Agency to sign Model releases on behalf of Model, and authorise reuse and residuals, whether originated by the agency or not.

7. Modeling Fees are paid within 10 days from the date the invoice has been settled by our client. 

8. It is understood and agreed that Model is in business for himself/herself and is solely responsible for payment of any and all taxes, whether income, or otherwise.

9. It is further understood and agreed that Agency is acting as a personal manager only, and does not operate as an employment agency. A parent or Guardian must at all times remain with the child and is responsible for their safety and supervision. If you are not comfortable with what your child has been asked to do or feel it is unsafe please withdraw your child and contact the agency immediately.

10. The term of this agreement shall be made for a period of one year, commencing this date. Model may terminate this agreement with five (5) days written notice, delivered by registered mail to the address listed on the face of this document. Subscription fees are non-refundable. If termination notice is received after a booking or placement has been arranged, Model agrees to honour that booking/placement or else reimburse Agency for any and all costs incurred or revenue forfeited (including such revenue which may be owing to a client due to incurred expenses as a result of Model’s cancellation).

11. In the absence of termination notice, this agreement shall continue to be renewed from year-to-year on the anniversary date.

12. Model and chaperone agree to conduct himself/herself with propriety and dignity, and to do nothing on an engagement or otherwise that may tend to injure the reputation and goodwill of Model or Agency, (in person and online and within social media). Model further agrees to abide by all standard rules and policies of Agency with regard to behaviour on castings and engagements. Agency may, upon five (5) days’ notice to Model terminate this agreement for breach of this paragraph. 

13. This agreement shall be binding upon both parties and payment for successful applicants will be due 30 days from application date.

The Fee is £145 per year to cover entree to the agencies Website & database ( reduced to £95 for babies under one year) payable to Pixie Models Ltd. This can be paid by bank card by calling the agency or by BACS transfer. This fee is non refundable.

Pixie Models Ltd. 8 Flitcroft St, London, WC2H 8DL.